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Chains and Boards: Hertford in Decline?

Dear wardtimes,

What are we voting for in East Herts?

Dear wardtimes,

I have been looking for a clear description of the policies the major parties intend to implement if they win the district elections on May 5th. I can find nothing about what the East Herts Conservatives would do if re-elected. Their website simply consists of a contact form.

Busking in Hertford - In need of electricity socket!

Dear sir/madam,

I play the Electric Portable Keyboard. I play old and some new music,mostly tunes people know such as easy listening, and that type of music.

Unfortunately, my instrument is electric. I am therefore looking for the facility to plug my keyboard in somewhere so that I am able to play at one of the pitches. My keyboard uses very little electricity. 

Incinerators in Hertfordshire - a voters view

The Hertfordshire county council waste disposal committee have decided to develop incinerators within the county to burn any surplus rubbish and are going full steam ahead to pursue this policy in either Hatfield (Veolia) or the Lafarge site in Harper Lane, London Colney (EON).

Hertford in Decline?

Dear wardtimes,

Do we need a Comprehensive Plan for Hertford Town Centre?

Dear wardtimes,

The problem with current big businesses moving into Hertford, is the lack of a comprehensive plan for Hertford Town Centre. We will end up with so many coffee shops in Hertford.

The council is also tied when it comes to appeals, as the cost for these should not be at the council tax payers expense.

Paul Phillips.


Corporate Size not Local Wishes?

Dear wardtimes,

Sainsbury’s flaunting of the planning rules (see wardtimes, 16 March 2011) is yet another example  of the way in which large companies circumvent the planning process.

Lack of Clarity about Councillor Allowances

Dear wardtimes,

Room for Improvement at WardTimes

Dear wardtimes,

Costa Coffee's Arrival In Hertford

I think it's great that Costa Coffee is coming to town! It's the best  coffee and it will take the strain off the other coffee houses as it's so difficult to get a seat on a Saturday.

I would like to see a decent bookshop like Waterstones in town and  possibly a Next store.

Children's Centres Funding is Secure

Dear Editor,

Following the recent launch of a nationwide Netmums campaign to save children’s centres, I am writing to reassure parents, carers and families across Hertfordshire, as well as all the subscribers to the website, that Hertfordshire County Council is committed to keeping all 82 children’s centres across the county open.

Did the Five Bishop's Subscribe to Satellite TV in the Seventh century?

I agree that the Five Bishop’s sculpture should be moved to a more prominent position. I only knew where it was thanks to the article here [wardtimes, 9 February 2011].

Hertford Museum

So District Cllr Mike Tindale, on behalf of East Herts District Council, grants a further £10,000 to the Hertford Museum, a worthwhile cause [wardtimes News, 21 January 2011].

WardTimes Happy Birth

I am delighted to see this initiative [wardtimes], both as a news sheet and as a banner to gather opposition forces.

Who are your Castle Councillors?

Many of us do not even know who our councillors are. Nonetheless, they make important local decisions regularly. So who are your local councillors?

Hertford Castle are as follows:

Dorothy Hone (Conservative)

Help the Hertford Graffiti Project

As part of my job I am lucky to get to walk all over Hertford. We are luckier than most in regards to graffiti and other 'environmental crime'. Nonetheless, it is still prevalent. It has come to my attention that there is a new project intended to help improve the situation. The advert I have included below

Recycling Points in Castle Ward

Below are listed some of the recycling points in Castle Ward. Other recycling points are available in other Hertford Wards.

Do It All, Ware Road, Hertford. SG13

Recycles: Aluminium Foil, Books, Cans (Aerosol), Cans (Aluminium), Cans (steel), Glass, Paper and Textiles