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Goshawk flies into Hertford for Christmas dinner

Goshawk eating prey in Hertford

A Goshawk was seen in Hertford on Boxing Day afternoon (December 26th 2013) in the Market Place entrance to Shire Hall.

A number of people out for an afternoon stroll watched as the goshawk pecked at his meal seemingly unconcerned at the stir he was causing.

Although quite a common scene in the fields and countryside it was an unsual sight to find a bird of prey happily eating in the centre of the county town whilst shoppers stopped to admire him and take photos.

The actual breed was discuused at great length with the names of hawk and peregrine being the most popular. Controversy was finalised by a diner in the Salisbury Arms opposite.

Around 4.00pm a Biffa contractor came to empty trader's bins and the goshawk flew away, having graced the town for an hour or two and entertained shoppers, diners, the afternoon drinkers and those with a slightly morbid curiosity.