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Interested in standing as councillor on May 7th

Are you interested in stading for elction to Hertford Town Council on May 7th?

This is a copy of the letter from Clr Jim Thornton published in the Hertfordshire Mercury on 12 March.

Hertford Town Centre faces an uncertain future, and not just with the possible redevelopment of Bircherley Green.  The Town Council is the best body to take us forward, but a Town Council dominated by the political party that controls the Planning Authority is less likely to do what is needed.

John Barber, the former Town Centre Manager, and I are looking for fourteen other people with specific skills to form a team to stand for election. We have registered the name ‘HEALTHIER HERTFORD’ with the Electoral Commission. Hertford is a great place to live and work, but it can always be better and healthier – not just economically, but environmentally, culturally, and educationally for all ages. We all think we could be fitter, we all aim for well-being, and we all want a healthier future for young and old.

We need fourteen people with retail, town planning, sports management, legal, marketing, surveying, accounting, hospitality, business, estate agency, tertiary education and tourism skills. John and I would be very grateful if we could, through the pages of the Mercury, appeal for volunteers with these and other relevant skills, to stand for election to the Town Council under the banner of HEALTHIER HERTFORD.  Volunteers also need to have common sense, perseverance, and strong footwear for knocking on many doors during the election campaign.

If you are interested, please email HealthierHertford@gmail.com or phone 01992 3333333 during working hours. I will send you my booklet ‘Elections on a Shoestring’ that tells you all you need to know.