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Last Post for Hertford Post Office?

It was announced on Monday January 26th that Hertford Post Office in Fore Street was to close as from January 27th. There was no reason given other than staff running the Post Office were facing eviction.

It appears that a company called Primeco Limited of Torquay own the building and sub-let it to another concern who run it as a branch of the Post Office. A check on Primeco website www.primeco.co.uk reveals the following:

Primeco Ltd does not run Post Offices.

If you have a problem please call the Post Office customer care number on 08457  22 33 44.

Primeco Limited

19 The Terrace



Tel. 01803 212004

Email: mail@primeco.co.uk

This is fine but every time a receipt is requested for any of the Post Office services at the Hertford office it is headed Primeco Limited.

It has just been announced (Tuesday 27th) that a ‘stay of execution’ has been granted and the Post Office will remain open on Tuesday and Wednesday 27/28 January. This will allow all parties to seek further clarification but if no progress is made Hertford town centre will lose its main Post Office

This is another blow to the vitality of the town centre and its right to call itself the county town. You can read the editors personal view on the decline of the town centre and its death by a thousand cuts on his personal web site.

The imminent permanent closure is a threat to all Hertford’s residents and business classes. There will be a further post and details of the future developments once these become clearer on Thursday 29 January