Incinerators in Hertfordshire - a voters view

The Hertfordshire county council waste disposal committee have decided to develop incinerators within the county to burn any surplus rubbish and are going full steam ahead to pursue this policy in either Hatfield (Veolia) or the Lafarge site in Harper Lane, London Colney (EON). The decision will be made on the 28th April 2011 as to which of these sites will be chosen so there isn't much time.

The logic behind this being that since the expense for councils of using landfill has gone through the roof (the UK is running out of viable sites) incineration would maybe be a cheaper option - this is highly debatable when you look at the costs involved.

The added bonus of incineration is we get a little power to push back into the national grid earning the council some cash.

Councils all over the UK are going through this dilemma, some are pushing more recycling and various other ways of dealing with the non recyclable surplus others like ours are going down the incinerator route.

To me this is a completely backward step which will be viewed by future generations as an awful legacy. Why are we motorists punished for polluting the atmosphere with our cars when our very own council might be pushing out how ever many tonnes per kilometre of CO2? Plus all sorts of other nasty chemicals and using our money to do it. This is utterly nonsensical.

If we can get 10,000 plus Hertfordshire residents' signatures on our petition then by the Councils' own rules these decisions will need a full council meeting and debate rather than just the 9 members of the Waste Disposal Committee. This is roughly 1% of Hertfordshire's population. This would be a good step as I believe there is general unease among councillors of not only the pollution issues but also the tie-in and enormous costs involved with the operators of these incinerators.

It will also show the council that the people of Herts are NOT in favour of polluting our environment any more and we want be a forward looking and responsible county.

This is democracy in action and I humbly ask all those who love and live in our pleasant land to make a stand and vote against this awful use of our money.

Please don't think that this doesn't affect you. It will, wherever you are in Hertfordshire or the UK, we are all affected by the degradation of the air we and our children breathe. These short-sighted policies should have no place in a modern and innovative Britain.

Burning rubbish, for that is what this is, reminds me of the days when London was black from the soot of a million chimneys.

Please make a stand against this and write to councillors and MP's.

Thank you for reading and good luck in all you do.

Nathan Fox.


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