What are we voting for in East Herts?

Dear wardtimes,

I have been looking for a clear description of the policies the major parties intend to implement if they win the district elections on May 5th. I can find nothing about what the East Herts Conservatives would do if re-elected. Their website simply consists of a contact form.

In the last term the Conservatives tried to introduce a number of policies (and cuts!) that were not even hinted at in the last campaign.

Just before the last election the Council denied there were any plans for fortnightly waste collections. We now have ARC. One of the first things they did when elected was reduce the opening hours of swimming pools. They tried to introduce charges for replacement wheelie bins and car parking on Sundays and Bank Holidays. They cancelled free parking at Christmas and cut the grant to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

The community toilet scheme resulted in the closure of public toilets and they let the dog warden go. Meanwhile they resisted attempts to cut their own allowances.

Council tax rises of 4.58% (2007/08), 4.51% (08/09), 3.40% (09/10) and 2.39% (10/11) have been imposed and they have spent nearly all the usable capital.

Last autumn they held an emergency budget to cut this year’s funding for highways weed control, glass and can recycling banks and play area inspections.

So what precisely do the Conservatives mean in their flyers when they claim “No tax increase, No cut in services”?

Bear in mind that in their last manifesto there was no suggestion they would sell off the Causeway site to developers….and build a dog agility park.

Before you put a cross in a box on May 5th, make sure you know what you are voting for.



Nigel Clark

Yewtree House, High Street, Hunsdon, Herts. SG12 8NT.


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